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CHATBOT: What it is and why you will soon need one for your business

(overview(): 2 min –  reading time 10 min)


The purpose of this post is to explain in a very simple and easy way to non-tech-experts how they can take advantage using this new tool called chatbot or chat bot.
What it is and which are its potentials for business activities, even for small ones.
The very good news is that, in this start phase, it doesn’t take so much money or so much time to be the first one to offer this service to customers.


It’s gonna be brief and easy, the purpose here is to give you a quick yet useful overview.
The first section is about what a chatbot really is.
The second explains the reason why it is becoming a key tool for communication with customers.
The third is a list of main applications for business.
Titles () summarize the concept so you can have an overview at a glance.  Continue reading