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Behavior Delegation  – OLOO (objects-linked-to-other-objects) pattern.

Some time ago I wrote this tweet:

I’d summarize it like: Thinking JS has classes is like believing the engine of your car has real horses in it. I hope I got it right 🤓

Reading the You Don’t Know JS (YDKJS) book series leaves something inside you, especially when you have been in the front-end dev world for so many years.
It is a mix of amusement, inspiration, and sense of chaos about what web dev is, and what it has been for Javascript development in this specific case so far.
So sometimes you want to throw some message in the air, to externalize such feeling.

I personally found what I tweeted, quite significant so I decided to share it in other places, included Linkedin.
There a guy, front-end dev like me, showed his appreciation for my post and suggested to read a post he wrote on the topic.

I read it very carefully, this subject passionates me and it was a quite interesting post.
But at the end, the way the issue was tackled gave me this feeling, it was saying something like “ it would be interesting in theory, but do it this, instead, because everybody does it this way/this is the real trend”. Continue reading

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Easy and free professional website. What you really buy with a service like Wix.

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This post has just a simple purpose, helping non-developers understand what a service like Wix truly gives you.
I am a web developer, so I can see that a website made with Wix, 1and1 etc. is everything but professional and why.
If I am looking for a business on the web and I land on that type of website, the message I get is “we don’t really care about quality and professionality”, so I go over.
But I am aware that not everybody can see what I see and understand what exactly is wrong with those websites.

Here’s what I found on the internet and not only there, concerning the reasons which are easier to understand for non-developers as well.
Wix is one of the most famous, so I focused on it.
This is an attempt to make this topic clearer, in a easy way, for everybody and also for those who were maybe thinking to buy a service like that. Buy? Is it not for free?.. No! Ok, we can go straight to the first point I guess.


It’s gonna be brief and easy, the purpose here is to give you a quick yet useful overview.
Titles () summarize the concept so you can have an overview at a glance. Continue reading

An interesting E-learning platform

Savvy, is a  platform to learn everything you want wherever and whenever you want.

It offers online lessons customized to your own personal goals.
Learn how to play guitar, sing, code and more from expert teachers from around the world.

It sounds very interesting to me, so i decided to join.
Here is my profile: www.savvy.is/profile/simoneicardi
If you’ll be 1 of the first 100 to book a session you can save 50$. Ask me the discount code!

What I teach there, is how you can improve your business activity through new technologies.

If you are interested in this or on another topic go to my profile or just drop me a line here!

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I Am Online!

Finally i made it!

I had to interrupt several times developing my personal portfolio because i had other projects to work on fortunately, but i can say my portfolio is finally online now!

It doesn’t show all the projects i’ve done obviously, but it is my selection of the most important and significative of the last 14 years.

The blog section is not “complete”, fortunately i had, i have and i really hope i’ll continue to have other many projects to work on. So this area will probably remain rough as it is now, just don’t worry about that, it actually should be a good sign.

So the blog is going to be an archive of my solutions developed and found for web developing, hoping this could be useful not just for me but also for any developer looking for solutions, as other developer blogs out there still are for me. I hope to return the favour.

So here we are!
A very good luck to me and my portfolio, and to everybody!
Enjoy your job and your “rest”!