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Behavior Delegation  – OLOO (objects-linked-to-other-objects) pattern.

Some time ago I wrote this tweet:

I’d summarize it like: Thinking JS has classes is like believing the engine of your car has real horses in it. I hope I got it right 🤓

Reading the You Don’t Know JS (YDKJS) book series leaves something inside you, especially when you have been in the front-end dev world for so many years.
It is a mix of amusement, inspiration, and sense of chaos about what web dev is, and what it has been for Javascript development in this specific case so far.
So sometimes you want to throw some message in the air, to externalize such feeling.

I personally found what I tweeted, quite significant so I decided to share it in other places, included Linkedin.
There a guy, front-end dev like me, showed his appreciation for my post and suggested to read a post he wrote on the topic.

I read it very carefully, this subject passionates me and it was a quite interesting post.
But at the end, the way the issue was tackled gave me this feeling, it was saying something like “ it would be interesting in theory, but do it this, instead, because everybody does it this way/this is the real trend”. Continue reading

I Am Online! 2.0

Every time working at a personal project is a hard way . You always have the struggle to manage it with your works and your all day life as well.
The same is for keeping your skills updated, studying new stuff and, especially in this field of work, this is as important as having works that let you earning money.

In this new web portfolio I have melted this two aspects together, taking my time, first of all to improve my javascript knowledge, meanwhile studying Angular.js framework and finally put both in practice designing this web site.

Personal projects and studying have also positive sides and the most important, I think, is that you really have the time to enjoy what you are doing. So as usual if you are not in a hurry, you can do better in a better way.

As always Frontend is made from scratch.
Created with Angular.js and Json Rest Api plugin to extract the WordPress DB in Json format.

So I am really happy I can say “I did it” this time again!

Enjoy your work everybody, I really hope that time gonna be gentle with you letting you enjoy the simple thing of doing your job, so everyone can create a little piece of a better world. 🙂

Google crawlers now execute javascript

It seems to be real. It could be a very interesting and usefull thing, isn’t it?
Check it out: http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.no/2014/05/understanding-web-pages-better.html

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Will this really be the next future of web?

Will this really be the next future of web?
This very interesting article talks about the potential evolution to so called “isomorphic-javascript”.
It means JS directly into the server, to fix issues like speed page rendering and seo problems as well.

Check it out: venturebeat.com/2013/11/08/the-future-of-web-apps-is-ready-isomorphic-javascript/

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I Am Online!

Finally i made it!

I had to interrupt several times developing my personal portfolio because i had other projects to work on fortunately, but i can say my portfolio is finally online now!

It doesn’t show all the projects i’ve done obviously, but it is my selection of the most important and significative of the last 14 years.

The blog section is not “complete”, fortunately i had, i have and i really hope i’ll continue to have other many projects to work on. So this area will probably remain rough as it is now, just don’t worry about that, it actually should be a good sign.

So the blog is going to be an archive of my solutions developed and found for web developing, hoping this could be useful not just for me but also for any developer looking for solutions, as other developer blogs out there still are for me. I hope to return the favour.

So here we are!
A very good luck to me and my portfolio, and to everybody!
Enjoy your job and your “rest”!