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4 detailed Hacks for Finding Remote Work

Very interesting article that shows 4 detailed tips on finding remote work.

“If you work in tech you already know that finding remote work can be difficult. Even though remote working is on the rise, there are still more people interested in working from home than positions to do so.”

“In this post, I’m going to give you my hacks for finding remote work. These are strategies I’ve used for almost a dozen years to make a full-time living in digital marketing. Let’s get started.”

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How to Get a Remote Job (and Pitfalls to Watch Out For)

“Now there are more any more companies who are 100% remote, or are trying to add jobs and resources all over the world, and it couldn’t be a better time to look for a remote job.”

“Regarding pitfalls and remote working…
the #1 potential problem still lies mainly in scheduling YOUR time re: health and appointments, etc., because there will always be work to do…
Another caveat I have regarding remote work is make sure you set aside time to form relationships with your coworkers.”

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by Sara Rosso ( (Automattic)

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Only results really matter. Communication, productivity, and happiness.

Another interesting experience on remote/smart working in a fully distributed enterprise. This time not from a digital technician, but by a project manager.


In a remote company how successful you are depends on your results. Nobody cares where you are and how you work, as long as things happen when expected and as promised.

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Stack Overflow is a distributed company

If you are in the IT field of work you know Stack Overflow, there is no doubt about it.
So you know how valuable and important it is in the scene and you simply love it.

In this video Oded Coster, Software Engineer @Stack Overflow  talks about how Stack Overflow works for the technical side, but also how his team works.

The video, taken from the Cloud Conf, is interesting on the whole but if you want to focus on the smart working side just watch between 4:40 – 10 min circa

Watch the video

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An italian TV show talks about remote working

I do not like television. It’s almost ten years I don’t have one, but undeniably in Italy, it’s still the most powerful media. So the fact that a TV show talks about remote working can only be a positive thing.

Here’s the original post.
(both the post and the show are only in italian)

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Remote working, a smarter way to work and live.

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My experience

I’ve worked remotely for 9/10 years of which the first 6/7 as a employee and now for 3 years as a freelance (at the time of writing – 2016).
My remote work career began in a web agency where I worked for more than 12 years, in Italy. Working hours had always been flexible but at the beginning I always worked in the agency. So after more or less five years I took courage and I asked my manager if it was possible for me to try to manage 1/2 days a week  by myself. I must say that I did not even have to insist too much, however, there was already a good mutual trust built over time. From there I began a journey that gradually brought me to full months out of the office.
For various reasons three years ago I decided to quit my permanent job and to try the freelance way.
Today even more I carry on this idea working 100% or nearly in this mode.
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