I am a freelance  web developer.
I work as a Front end developer for web agencies in outsourcing.
I develop web sites directly for clients.
I am a teacher and I am still exploring new experiences.
I am an enthusiast remote/smart working advocate and I adopt it as my work methodology.

I never stop learning and I have enough experience in front-end development to learn fast, and fit your dev stack.

My strong points are: pixel perfect developing, very skilled eye for great design and user experience, clean markup, attention to details, a great passion for Javascript and learning in general and above all reliability.


I attended a high school, specialising in graphics and then I tried all kinds of jobs.
I also lived and worked as an office boy in New York City for 3 months.
Finally while working in an architectural office a friend of mine told me about a course to learn web design.
I followed that course and when I finished the final internship in a web agency named Easybit I started to teach and develop projects for the school I’d came from.
After one year Easybit called me back and offered me a job as a web designer, that became Lead Front-End Developer.
I worked for that agency for over 12 years.
During those years I had several opportunities to improve my knowledge about my job working on a lot of projects for important brands as well.
Also I had the opportunity to continue teaching in the old school, that I’d come from, and in the IED (European Institute of Design) too.

When I started this job the internet world was just at the beginning and the situation was completely different from nowadays.
Sites were just static and full of animation (flash) and social networks didn’t exist.
FB, youtube, twitter and so on didn’t exist and google was just another search engine.
So the evolution since those times has been so huge and fast as you can imagine and my passion has kept pace, growing along with this rapid evolution.

In the beginning I used to develop all aspects of the sites, designing databases, programming both BackEnd and FrontEnd, but now I specialise in FrontEnd developing.

As a freelance I continue to do my very best, and take advantage of all the experience I’ve gained, looking for new challenges in new collaborations and new projects.
Also I’m constantly eager to improve my knowledge, something which is absolutely essential in my field of work.

My goal is to enjoy my life in every aspect, doing my job to the best of my abilities, but achieving the best balance between this and my free time without making a clear-cut distinction between what is my job and what is “the rest”.

N.B.: Unfortunately due to privacy reasons I cannot publish all of my projects, therefore this portfolio is not able to fully represent my work.

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