Frontend Development, Lead-Frontend, Project Manager in outsourcing

For digital and communication agencies and freelancers that need a really experienced Frontend/ Lead-Frontend developer or also a PM for specific projects or on an ongoing basis.
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Web Development

For companies, business activities and freelancers that need a full web development service.
It can be a simple low-cost corporate website or a full project design from scratch, including content editing, search engine optimization, project managing and so on: we can create a team for all your needs.
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CHATBOT Development

For businesses that need to provide a good customer care service and want to simplify it and bring it to a higher level at the same time.
In a very friendly and informal way, the chatbot answers via chat to the main clients requests, regarding reservations, contacts, updates or just info etc. and it can become your new marketing weapon.
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For schools but also for companies that need to train or update people on, for instance, new tools, new web skills or web applications, cms managing, website content update and so on.
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For medium to small companies, startups and freelancers that are about to go for, or evaluate a web/digital project and need a tech expert figure to lead them down the right path or just to evaluate the project feasibility.
In other words, a CTO, a key role in every success tech company.
Which means evaluating/managing your investment in a more clear and aware way, therefore minimizing risks and optimizing costs.
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Remote/Smart Working Tutoring

For companies that are interested in its potential or are about to dive into this new way of managing work, to do it better and to develop and optimize themselves.
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